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SCOTT Associates Architects Inc. is known for its expertise in the planning and design of transportation projects, commercialization through P3 partnerships, and alternate delivery methods. SCOTT has a wealth of knowledge about financial, operational, regulatory, legal and governmental issues, and provides aviation-specialty support services, including financial assessment, security interface, baggage-handling specification, apron planning, and bridge specifications.

SCOTT brings a number of unique skill sets to the design of transportation facilities :

  • The firm has forecasting skills to determine potential traffic loads
  • The firm utilizes a computer simulation program to analyze load forecasts and generate area requirements per peak hour passenger loads, as well as flow rates
  • The firm utilizes computer programming to simulate vehicle movements and can present findings in dynamic graphic simulations

Most importantly, SCOTT understands the dynamics of passenger and vehicle flow, how passengers react to certain situations and their environment. These skills enable SCOTT to bring a fresh approach to each challenge.

Study Plan Design Build
Review of Passenger Forecast Land-Use Analysis & Plan Preliminary Design Working Drawings
Review of Airline Strategy Infrastructure Planning Design Development Construction Documents
Review of PTB Capacity & Functions Master Planning Detailed Design Specifications
Master Plan Review & Update Apron Planning Wayfinding and Signage Project Management
Project Assessment Programming Contract Administration
Facility Assessment Space Planning Consultant Team Management
Code & Standards Assessment Cost Estimating Bid Award Assistance
Economic Assessment Bid Strategy Installation Review
Feasibility Studies Feasibility Planning Construction Review
Commercial Assessment Budget & Cost Planning
Environmental Assessment & Management Plan Project Scheduling & Phasing
Capital Restoration & Expansion Plan
Preparation of Operational Plans

Renovation & Expansion

SCOTT has the discipline to deliver expansion and retrofit projects efficiently, economically and with minimal disruption to operations. Smoothly transitioned passenger and retail services are essential to the economic health of an expanding airport facility.

Design & Construction

The drama of interior public spaces and the power of exterior image are the visible elements that define an airport and the community it serves. An airport is the first and last opinion formed of a visit or business trip. SCOTT combines exceptional aesthetics with its knowledge of operational and technical issues to design air terminal buildings of exceptional constructability and function.

Planning & Programming

Planning in many forms – Feasibility Studies + Master Plans + Functional Plans + Peer Review + Airport Authority Representation – is an integral part of SCOTT’s service offering. Informed and realistic planning helps airports of every scale chart the course for long-term development and efficient, profitable ongoing operations. SCOTT uses a proprietary terminal program to programme and test passenger processing systems.

Conceptual Design

In the high-stakes business of building or expanding airports, experience counts. So does the ability to take the spark of an idea and turn it into an airport facility that’s a balance of aesthetics and function, economy and sustainability. When many of the world’s leading airport development consortia are seeking this combination of experience and design they turn to SCOTT.

Security Interface

The interface between domestic and international security requirements must be handled with an understanding of the differences in both practice and implementation. SCOTT has long been involved in programming, planning and design of security screening points, check-in facilities and baggage screening for North American as well as European and South American airports with a wide range of requirements. The firm is a specialist in the interface between domestic and international practice and implementation.

Apron Planning

Flexible and effectively integrated apron plan solutions are the link between efficient PTB passenger flow-through and timely ramp-servicing and deployment. SCOTT provides integrated services linking PTB planning, bridge specifications and apron planning, as well as coordination with hydrant fueling and VDGS systems.

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